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Love Whiskey?  Looking for unique rustic wedding decor?

Browse our custom engraved, one of a kind, whiskey barrel and glassware.

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Authentic Barrel Head Guestbooks for an Authentic Rustic Wedding Experience

Sourced from distilleries in the Bourbon Belt, KY.  We re-purpose these one-of-a-kind barrel heads into unique display pieces for your wedding and for your wall.  Each Guestbook is planed, sanded smooth and coated with a fixative to hold your signatures.  Then we laser engrave your design, permanently burning it into the wood.  Comes with a sturdy 19″ wood backing board and everything you need to hang it up on your wall after its been signed.  We even include a Sharpie!  Use our builder tool to add your own details and customize however you want.

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Sample Guestbook Designs

These are some of the more popular templates, but we can make anything you want!

Rustic Wedding Guestbook
Country Wedding Guestbook
Custom Wedding Guestbook
Whiskey Wedding Guestbook
Shabby Chic Wedding Guestbook
Barrel Wedding Guestbook
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Real bourbon barrel heads with batch markings and original char finish used to age American whiskey or bourbon. We customize and hand finish each barrel head to your specification. All Barrel Heads are sourced from distilleries in the Bourbon Belt, KY and made in the USA.

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Whiskey Barrel Decor

Unique barrel head products for your home, bar or man cave.

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Whiskey Made Bourbon Barrel Heads



  • We only use 100% authentic, distillery used, US made whiskey and bourbon barrels.
  • Each barrel comes from the distillery charred on one side and marked with a unique batch number on the other.  We then make the heads into upcycled decor for your home, bar or man cave.
  • We can engrave! Adding a personal touch or a design to them just adds to the barrels story.
  • Sourced from the “Bourbon Belt” in Kentucky.  Made in the USA.
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