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Barrel Head FAQ

Barrel Head FAQ2017-04-06T17:00:14-07:00
Can you use my existing design to personalize my items?2019-08-09T09:56:55-07:00

Yes!  You have 2 options.  You can upload your image into our builder by selecting the custom layout.  Or you can email it to us and we can create it for you.

Can you help me with my design?2019-08-09T09:54:57-07:00

Yes!  Contact [email protected] and we will have a designer work with you to get the perfect layout for your occasion.

Can you rush an order for me?2019-08-09T09:53:56-07:00

Absolutely.  Just contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long does it take you to customize?2019-08-09T09:53:15-07:00

It depends on workload, but usually between 3 and 7 working days.  Contact us for specifics.

How do I customize my Barrel Head?2018-08-15T08:26:13-07:00

Each one of customizers allows you to set and preview all the specifics of your design.  You can view all of our custom products here.

Can I mount my Barrel Head on the wall?2016-08-05T11:28:44-07:00

Yes. We even supply an optional hanging kit with our products. It is designed for heavier objects and holds up to 60lbs.

Why are Bourbon Barrels Charred?2016-08-05T11:28:55-07:00

Well, legally, bourbon is not bourbon unless it is aged in an American Oak fully charred barrel. So it has to be. But aside from that, it opens up the wood, allowing the flavor to be more easily absorbed by the bourbon. It mellows the spirit, adds color, and flavors of sweetness and smoke.

Do your Barrels come charred?2016-08-05T11:29:06-07:00

Yes. Each barrel comes from the distillery with the charred side in tact. We do this to preserve authenticity, but it can be resurfaced for a clean, like new surface depending on the application.

What do the Batch Markings on the Barrel Heads mean?2017-01-27T08:18:00-08:00

They can vary, but they often include: the barrel number, fill date, barrel volume, contents, warehouse location, and the name of the distillery itself.  More Here

Do your barrels come with batch markings?2016-08-05T11:29:35-07:00

Yes. All barrels are reclaimed from area distilleries and have batch markings on them.

What kind of wood are barrel heads made of?2016-08-05T11:29:45-07:00

They are made from 100% American Oak.

Where do you source your barrel heads?2017-03-07T20:04:06-08:00

We get them from local distilleries in Kentucky. Being so close to the “Bourbon Belt” we have access to many of the barrels that originate here. Including but not limited to – Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace and more. Supply and demand is always changing what is available, so we are not typically able to fulfill requests for barrel heads from specific distilleries.

How big and heavy are your barrel heads?2016-08-05T11:30:03-07:00

They are about 21-22″ in diameter, .75-1″ thick and weigh 11-12lbs. The variation depends on the amount of moisture absorbed during the aging process which causes the barrels to expand.