April 2019

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks


Having spent a bunch of time scouring the dreamscape that is this year's #wedding posts on Instagram and Pinterest, we're here to tell you - pink is the thing. Light pinks, bold pinks, orange pinks - they're all there. Pink dresses? Yep. Pink centerpieces? For sure. But most importantly, pink cocktails. More specifically, pink [...]

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks2019-04-25T17:34:32-07:00

March 2019

4 Rustic Whiskey Wedding Bar Ideas


If you're here, and you're planning a wedding, we'll go ahead and guess that you aren't planning on throwing a dry wedding. And of course, you being you, you're not just going to put some bottles of booze on a table and call it good. You're going create a rustic wedding bar that'll make [...]

4 Rustic Whiskey Wedding Bar Ideas2019-03-16T21:17:24-07:00

February 2019

Super Easy Whiskey Cocktails for Date Night


Happy date night, everyone! Whether you're having a night in or packing a picnic, these super easy whiskey cocktails will bring a little fun and excitement to your evening. Not that you need it. (Rawr.) Blood Orange Whiskey Sour Whiskey sours aren't alll sour - they're a really balanced and delightful blend of sweet, [...]

Super Easy Whiskey Cocktails for Date Night2019-02-14T18:40:32-07:00

April 2018

3 Jello Shot Recipes — with Whiskey


St. Paddy's Day is coming up fast, and if you're more of a partier than a sipper (or maybe both!), you may a tasty, fruity alternative. Also, St. Paddy's Day this year is on a Saturday! So there's plenty of time to sleep off a jello hangover on Sunday (or repent to St. Patrick himself, [...]

3 Jello Shot Recipes — with Whiskey2018-04-10T10:50:39-07:00

March 2018

Top 5 Irish Whiskeys for St. Paddy’s Day


St. Paddy's Day is right around the corner. Is your whiskey cabinet prepared? If it isn't, we came up with a short list to help you impress your friends and keep your palette well-balanced in time of this holiest of holy days for the Irish whiskey community. 5. Jameson Black Barrel I love Jameson. Sue [...]

Top 5 Irish Whiskeys for St. Paddy’s Day2018-03-17T11:50:25-07:00

November 2017

How Will Global Warming Affect Whiskey?


This past week, my Florida town was hit with Hurricane Irma. Needless to say, climate change has been on my mind a lot lately. While we were evacuating north, a dangerous thought came into my mind: what's going to happen to the love of my life, whiskey, if the world gets warmer and sea levels [...]

How Will Global Warming Affect Whiskey?2017-11-17T18:45:07-07:00

October 2017

Visting the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History


You have made it to Bardstown, KY! Congratulations! Why not start off your trip with a quick and educational visit to the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History? The museum is named for Chicago businessman Oscar Getz, who founded the Barton distillery with Lester Abelson in Bardstown following Probition. Barton no longer exists, sadly, but [...]

Visting the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History2017-10-20T14:14:29-07:00

August 2017

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook


We here at WhiskeyMade love weddings. Drinks all around! If you are looking at a wedding with a Bourbon Belt feel, or even if you want to go rustic, we have the best decor idea. And no, let me stop you before you crawl over the fence behind your local Walmart. It doesn't involve pallets. [...]

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook2018-12-25T22:59:16-07:00

July 2017

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home


Have you ever wanted to bring the magic of a whiskey tasting into your own home? Whether your friends are old hat whiskey drinkers, or whether they've only ever knocked back the occasional shot of Jameson on St. Paddy's Day, we have some tips on how to bring home the fun-- for everyone.   1. [...]

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home2017-07-04T20:09:25-07:00

5 Events on the Bourbon Trail This Summer


The Bourbon Trail really shows its color during the summer. If you are going to find your way down there at any point this summer, these are a merely sampling of the MANY events going down this summer. Some are old traditions, some are new, but we are looking forward to all of them. [...]

5 Events on the Bourbon Trail This Summer2017-07-04T20:10:28-07:00

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