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April 2019

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks


Having spent a bunch of time scouring the dreamscape that is this year's #wedding posts on Instagram and Pinterest, we're here to tell you - pink is the thing. Light pinks, bold pinks, orange pinks - they're all there. Pink dresses? Yep. Pink centerpieces? For sure. But most importantly, pink cocktails. More specifically, pink [...]

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks2019-04-25T17:34:32-07:00

March 2019

4 Rustic Whiskey Wedding Bar Ideas


If you're here, and you're planning a wedding, we'll go ahead and guess that you aren't planning on throwing a dry wedding. And of course, you being you, you're not just going to put some bottles of booze on a table and call it good. You're going create a rustic wedding bar that'll make [...]

4 Rustic Whiskey Wedding Bar Ideas2019-03-16T21:17:24-07:00

February 2019

Super Easy Whiskey Cocktails for Date Night


Happy date night, everyone! Whether you're having a night in or packing a picnic, these super easy whiskey cocktails will bring a little fun and excitement to your evening. Not that you need it. (Rawr.) Blood Orange Whiskey Sour Whiskey sours aren't alll sour - they're a really balanced and delightful blend of sweet, [...]

Super Easy Whiskey Cocktails for Date Night2019-02-14T18:40:32-07:00

April 2017

Giveaway: Win a Kentucky Bourbon Belt Logo Engraved Barrel Head


With an astounding concentration of America's finest bourbon distilleries like Maker's Mark, Four Roses, Jim Beam, and Bulleit Bourbon, The Kentucky Bourbon Belt a whiskey lover's mecca. We're pretty keen to point out that Kentucky is the Napa Valley of Whiskey, but really it would be more accurate to say that Napa Valley is [...]

Giveaway: Win a Kentucky Bourbon Belt Logo Engraved Barrel Head2017-04-25T12:28:17-07:00

November 2016

What’s so great about Kentucky bourbon?


Whiskey can be made anywhere from South Africa to Scotland, but in 1964, bourbon was declared "America's native spirit" by congress, which means to be called bourbon, the spirit MUST be made in the US. And let's get real - if you're drinking bourbon, it's probably from Kentucky, since 95% of the world's bourbon is made [...]

What’s so great about Kentucky bourbon?2017-04-06T16:59:19-07:00

October 2016

Bourbon Trail Belt: Bardstown


Kentucky is as synonymous with fine bourbon as Ireland and Scotland are with whiskey, Germany is with beer, and Japan is with sake. This is the land where bourbon was invented, where it was honed into a fine craft, where it became one of the most beloved, American-made liquors. If you find yourself constantly craving [...]

Bourbon Trail Belt: Bardstown2017-04-06T16:59:31-07:00

Burying the Bourbon: A Southern Wedding Tradition


Weddings are special everywhere, but there just isn't anything on Earth quite like a Southern wedding. Because weddings are a huge part of Southern society, wedding traditions, as odd as they sometimes may seem, are upheld with mighty ferocity. You may already know that dresses are white, bridal portraits are large and prominently displayed, the [...]

Burying the Bourbon: A Southern Wedding Tradition2018-12-25T23:01:52-07:00

September 2016

Jack Daniels Celebrates its 150th Birthday With a Whiskey Barrel Hunt


In celebration of their 150th anniversary, Jack Daniels has been putting on a massive worldwide finders-keepers-losers-weepers whiskey barrel hunt. Of course, the best prize they could give away (in our humble opinion) would be whiskey, but they weren't allowed to do that, so they're giving away the second best thing - gorgeous white oak housemade [...]

Jack Daniels Celebrates its 150th Birthday With a Whiskey Barrel Hunt2017-04-06T16:59:48-07:00

Engraved Whiskey Barrelhead Giveaway


For the past several months, we've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the chance to personalize your very own piece of the American Bourbon Belt. Now that we're ready to roll out our new shop, what better way to kick things off than to give away a FREE custom whiskey barrel head? Just [...]

Engraved Whiskey Barrelhead Giveaway2017-04-06T16:59:51-07:00

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